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The all-in-one solution for anyone looking to clear negative energy, bring peace, uplift their mood, & invite prosperity & protection into their lives. This powerful spray is also designed to help you achieve a sense of tranquility & sensuality, no matter what life throws your way.


Use this spray to quickly reset the energy of your environment after every encounter so you can stay


Great for everyone from rideshare drivers to executives looking to reduce stress & enhance peace of mind. The "Peace & Blessings" spray is also great for moms who want their homes to be inviting.


In addition, the "Peace & Blessings" Spray can help you create a sense of harmony & joy which enhances your natural ability to attract what you want in your life.


The "Peace & Blessings" Spray can help you tap into your own sensuality & feminine energy, allowing you to feel more confident, alluring, & attractive. It's the perfect addition to any self-care routine or personal ritual.


"Peace & Blessings" Spray is included in the Heart-Break Healer Bundle, along with the Forgiveness Tea, Heart-Break Healer Tea, "Do It All" Bath Salts, & healing exercises. This bundle contains everything you need to create your own personal "Heart-Healing" Ceremony.

"Peace & Blessings" Spray

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