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Shamanic Tantric Bodywork:
Live Class!

Starts July 14, 2024

What You Get

Join our exclusive 6-week Tantric Bodywork Level 1 Certification Class, limited to only 20 students, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and professional development. Here’s what you’ll receive when you sign up:

  1. 6-Week Online Course:

    • Comprehensive training covering the fundamentals of Tantric Bodywork.

    • Weekly live sessions with Adara Moselle.

    • Interactive exercises and practical assignments to enhance your learning experience.

    • Estimated Value: $700

  2. 4-Day Intensive (Optional but Highly Recommended):

    • Hands-on, immersive experience to deepen your practice.

    • In-person guidance and advanced techniques.

    • Opportunity to connect with fellow participants and build a supportive community.

    • Estimated Value: $2,000 (Comparable intensives range from $2,000 to $15,000)

  3. 3 Months Access to Membership Area (Launching in August):

    • Exclusive content, including advanced teachings and resources.

    • Ongoing support and updates to keep you engaged and inspired.

    • Access to a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

    • Estimated Value: $300

  4. Comprehensive Manual:

    • Detailed guide covering all aspects of Tantric Bodywork.

    • Step-by-step instructions and illustrative diagrams.

    • Valuable reference material for your ongoing practice.

    • Estimated Value: $100

  5. Access to Telegram Group:

    • Connect with your peers and share experiences.

    • Get real-time support and answers to your questions.

    • Stay motivated and inspired throughout the course.

    • Estimated Value: $100

  6. Mentorship from Adara Moselle:

    • Personalized guidance and feedback from an experienced Tantric Shaman.

    • Opportunity to ask questions and receive tailored advice.

    • Support in integrating the teachings into your personal and professional life.

    • Estimated Value: $700 (based on four 90-minute sessions at $175 each)

  7. Bonus Basic Bodywork Class:

    • Learn bodywork techniques from a different perspective.

    • Enhance your skill set with complementary methods.

    • Practical application to broaden your expertise.

    • Estimated Value: $300

  8. Database of Practice Partners:

    • Access to a network of practice partners to hone your skills.

    • Opportunities for mutual learning and growth.

    • Build connections and gain practical experience.

    • Estimated Value: $100

Total Estimated Value: $4,300

Pricing for the Course: $1,488

Enroll now and take the first step towards mastering Tantric Bodywork with the guidance and support you need to succeed. This exclusive opportunity not only provides immense value but also ensures personalized attention and a deeply transformative experience with limited spots available. Given that tantra training at this level can range into the five and six figures, this course offers exceptional value for a fraction of the cost.

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